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What’s a Full Focus Planner Certified Pro?

Your Personal Guide to the Full Focus Planner

Get training tailored to your unique needs so you can unlock the power of the Full Focus System at record speed.

A Productivity Expert for Work and Life

Learn how to eliminate low-leverage tasks and focus on what matters so you can win at work and succeed at life.

A Graduate of the Full Focus Planner Certification Training

Trust the guidance of your Certified Pro, knowing they’ve completed several hours of training and successfully passed the Full Focus Planner Certification Assessment.

A Licensed Leader of Full Focus Planner Meet-Ups

Rest easy knowing your Certified Pro is legally licensed to lead training sessions on the Full Focus Planner. (Look for the badge and you’ll know they’re legit.)


A Full Focus Planner Certified Pro is someone who has gone through the official Full Focus Planner Certification Training and is authorized by Michael Hyatt & Company to offer training and consulting to help others make the most of the Full Focus Planner system.

Each Certified Pro is an expert on the Full Focus System. Your Certified Pro is your personal guide to getting the most out of the Full Focus Planner and productivity system.

Not necessarily. While some employees at Michael Hyatt & Company may also be Certified Pros, most Certified Pros are third-party independent consultants, and as such have their own businesses, fees, and related policies and procedures.

Our expanding network of Certified Pros covers many areas, with more to come. Many Certified Pros offer both in-person and virtual services to accommodate your needs. See our full directory of Certified Pros to find one near you.

Each Certified Pro sets their own fee structure and service offerings. You and they will determine the nature of your work and agree upon the associated fees.