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3 Questions to Plan Your Life Around

Most people want more from life than what they’re getting. That’s natural. We were created with appetites that long for more. The hard part is taking that longing and turning it into reality. Life often throws us curveballs, and we don’t always have control over how things unfold. What we do have control over is how we respond to those situations—or how we get in front of them.

The outcomes we experience in life are often a direct result of the questions we ask ourselves. That’s the starting point. To get in front of whatever life throws your way and plan for the outcomes you want, ask yourself these three powerful questions. 

1. How do I want to be remembered?

In planning anything, the best place to begin is with the end in mind. What’s the outcome you want? How do you want the story to end? How do you want people to think of you when you’re gone? This is a revolutionary question. It deserves your best thinking and deepest reflection. You won’t get where you really want to go simply by drifting and seeing where you land. You need to get clarity on your final destination, so you can start orienting yourself in that direction.

2. What matters most?

It’s possible you’ve never given yourself permission to ask this question. You spend your time instead tending to others. For example, you probably know what’s important to your spouse or family members. And you certainly know what’s important to your manager. But what’s important to you? This is about priorities and values. No one else can decide what they are for you. You have to take ownership of them yourself so you can find clarity on where to focus—especially when distractions come your way.

3. What single, brave decision do I need to make today?

It can feel daunting to reach for something new. But you don’t have to know all the steps or how everything will play out. In fact, trying to create an elaborate plan can lead to major procrastination. You only need to decide on the one thing you can do now to create some movement forward. 

Cutting through the confusion of life begins with getting clarity. That’s where these three questions are a powerful tool. You might ask questions of your friends and family, your spouse, your employer and coworkers. But maybe you’ve never asked questions of yourself. It’s your turn now.

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