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How to Create Meaningful Habits that Encourage Gratitude

Habits tend to become ingrained in our routines without us ever intending for them to be. Whether we realize it or not, humans center their lives around routines. But without taking the time to step back and create intentional habits, we could be allowing our lives to become centered around the wrong things. 

I want to challenge you to take hold of your day, your mindset, your goals.  Create intentional, lasting habits that will help you achieve the success you dream of. The most successful individuals I know have taken the time to step back and analyze each aspect of their lives, and intentionally work to create habits that are life-giving. 

Stop and think for a moment. What things do you do every single day? Were they things that you intended to take such an important place in your daily schedule? In the book, No Fail Habits, we break down how to develop and implement a system of strong habits that will make you more productive and keep your priorities from being pushed aside.

The habit I want to dive into today is creating a daily habit of gratitude. And it’s one that I consider to be one of the most important keys to success not only in your personal life but in achieving your business goals as well. And here’s why. By carving out time in your morning and evening rituals to reflect on the people or things in your life you are most thankful for, you remind yourself of your priorities and your goals.

This simple practice helps you start the day centered on what really matters to you. In No-Fail Habits, we give you ideas for what to incorporate into your morning ritual. It helps to ensure you arrive to work feeling rested and prepared for your day. How exactly you incorporate gratitude in your morning ritual is a personal choice. Some ideas could be to journal, meditate, or read inspirational literature that encourages you to reflect on what you are most grateful for. 

Depending on your life stage, this morning ritual could also incorporate a few minutes of family time where each person shares what they are thankful for that day. Even a few minutes, when used intentionally, will help center your mindset and create the positive energy to help make the most of your day.

At the end of the day, we also encourage you to establish an evening ritual. And here, we again, you need to intentionally create time to incorporate gratitude into your routine. This can be as simple as sharing with your spouse your wins from the day. Expressing what you were thankful for that helped you achieve those successes.

Here are 3 steps to help you incorporate the habit of gratitude into your daily routine. 

  • Take time to reflect on your morning routine. Make a list of the items that you do each morning to begin your day. Establish the order of these elements and make sure to add in a few minutes of time to reflect on areas of gratitude. Remember the goal of this morning ritual is to help you start your day centered and rested.
  • Each evening, finish your day recognizing the wins and what you were thankful for that day. Your day could have been stressful and full of challenges. However, by focusing on what you were grateful for that day and how it helped achieve even a small win, you are reinforcing a habit of gratitude that will make you a more successful and positive person both at work and in your personal life in the long run.
  • Share what you are grateful for. Take the time to share with someone, whether it is your spouse, other family member, or friend what you were thankful for that day. Perhaps, a coworker helped you out on a big project. Express your thanks and appreciation. Believe me, in doing so, you will lift up not only yourself but them as well.

I have found that a strong and successful leader is one who is able to incorporate gratitude into their habits and daily routines. It reminds them of their goals and why they matter. 

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