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Boost Your Energy to Achieve Your Goals

Ralph Waldo Emerson once proclaimed: “The world belongs to the energetic.”

Well, Mr. Emerson didn’t have to navigate the many complexities of 21st-century life, but his statement still holds true. How many of us feel that mid-afternoon slump? Or flop into bed exhausted but unable to fall asleep until midnight?

Juggling our seemingly endless personal and professional responsibilities can lead us to feel burnt out and depleted.

Burning the candle at both ends has mental and physical health implications, and it also inhibits our ability to achieve our goals. Whether you want to beat your time in a 10k this summer or secure that bonus at work, your aspirations are hampered by low energy.

Who has said to themselves: “I just don’t have the time to go for a run every day” or “I can’t make healthy meals for lunch, it’s too much effort”? We’ll let you into a little secret—it’s all about shifting your mindset. Productivity equals energy management, not time management. You do have the capacity for your goals. You just need the right fuel to accomplish them.

Discover the four simple methods to boosting your energy and enhancing your productivity:

Method 1: Fuel Your Energy

Most parents make sure their children eat breakfast before heading off for school. Professional athletes know to fuel up before a big game. As humans, we can’t run on empty. Eating well, drinking water, and getting enough sleep are key components in boosting your energy levels.

If you have a busy day, keep snacks on hand. Have time for a 20-minute nap? Take it! In order to be your most productive self, you need to prioritize your physical well-being.

Method 2: Embrace the Workday Shutdown Ritual

Have you ever arrived at the end of the day only to feel like you have a ton of loose ends? Or worse, you can’t sleep because you keep remembering things you have to do? These are daily energy drainers. You need a hard stop to your day in order to relax in the evening, which is where a Workday Shutdown Ritual comes in. Full Focus Planner users will know that the Workday Shutdown is an incredible tool that encourages you to sit back, take stock of the day and transition out of “work mode.” In just a few minutes, you’ll feel more in control of your time. Haven’t bought your Full Focus Planner yet? You can download a template of the Ideal Week to start your Workday Shutdown Ritual here.

Method 3: Take a Break With The 10:10:10 Rule

We’ve all felt that sigh of relief when you head outside for a moment or take a break from your screen. Many of us spend hours in front of our computers and arrive at the end of the day feeling depleted with tired eyes. This is where the 10:10:10 rule comes into play. Every 10 minutes, look at something 10 feet away, for at least 10 seconds. This refreshes your eyes, defogs your brain, and helps your vision. Try it today and see how it boosts brain power and productivity.

Method 4: Connect With Someone (or Yourself)

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Learning this can be a key piece of the energy-management puzzle. If you’re an extrovert, you’re revitalized by speaking or connecting with something else. However, introverts tend to feel energized following some alone time. Think you’re somewhere in the middle? You may be an “ambivert,” so try a mix of the two. Finding connection in your daily life will also remind you of your why. From watching your children play to spending time outside in your garden, take a moment to connect with someone (or yourself) and boost your energy levels.

You do have the capacity for your goals. You just need the energy to achieve them.

Last modified on August 15th, 2023 at 3:16 pm

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