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At some point, I crossed the line where it was no longer about me. It’s about us.

Michael Hyatt
A Note from Our Founder

I’m thrilled to share with you that we’ve rebranded our company. From here on out, we will proudly operate under the name Full Focus.

Full Focus has been a part of our identity since the creation of the Full Focus Planner in 2017. But until now, it was treated as an extension of the greater entity, Michael Hyatt & Company.

Since our previous company letterhead was emblazoned with my own name, you may be wondering if this announcement affects my role. Short answer: Not even a little bit. I love my work, I’m in great health, and I’m committed to my team and our customers for the long haul.

But the company has grown beyond my name. I’m proud of where we’ve been and excited about where we’re headed. With our commitment to continuous growth, this is the natural next step to even greater company success.

I love what my daughter said about this name change: “As Full Focus, we’re putting a stake in the ground for the future of our company and our customers, so that decades from now, we will still be providing high-performance solutions for individuals and organizations.”

Regarding your own experience with our company, this change is primarily cosmetic.

You’ll notice updated branding and a redesigned website, but our products and services will continue to align with our core mission:

We are a performance coaching company. We help high-achieving leaders and their teams get the vision, alignment, and execution they need to drive extraordinary results without compromising their most important values.

As I look to the future, I joyfully envision the day when—years from now—longstanding customers like you will say, “I knew Full Focus when they were still Michael Hyatt & Company.”

To learn more of the reasoning behind the name change, check out the video above.


Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt