The Secret Benefits of Standing While You Sleep

3 Ways You Can Get More from Your Night's Rest

I’ve been talking about the benefits of working at a standup desk for years now. Standing makes you feel happier and more energetic. It also burns more calories.

I’ve also been a major advocate for getting enough sleep each night. Sleep keeps us sharp and improves our ability to remember, learn, and grow.

Now I’m going to let you in on how I’m taking these two practices to the next level. I recently started standing while sleeping, and the results have been phenomenal.

Efficiency experts know that automation is the key to productivity. When I sleep standing up, I actually get more done.

Through extensive experimentation, I can now report on three secret benefits to standing while sleeping:

  1. I can take care of menial tasks. You know the expression, I could do that in my sleep? Well, it’s true. And there are dozens of odd jobs you can knock off your punch list while you snooze: random paperwork, online shopping, maybe even your taxes.
  2. I can keep burning calories all night long. We know our metabolism slows down when we sleep, but I’ve been able to maintain momentum by standing up at night. As a mild sleepwalker, I’m convinced the real breakthrough will come when I can sleep on my treadmill.
  3. I can try new hobbies. With the cramped schedule of a busy life, it’s always hard to carve out time for new hobbies. But since reclaiming eight hours each night, I’ve been able to try parasailing, caber tossing, and Parcheesi. You should see my horseshoe scores.

Sleep isn’t underrated, just underutilized. I’m not saying sleep-standing—or “active sleep,” as I also like to call it—is right for everyone. But don’t overlook the possibilities.

How much more could you accomplish each day if you could reclaim eight hours every night?

What are you doing this April Fools’ Day?

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