Discover How Your Productivity Habits Compare to 200+ High-Achievers Across 10 Productivity Categories

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Productivity is evolving right in front of our eyes.

The last two years have changed the way we work forever. To get a pulse on the state of productivity in 2022, we surveyed high-achievers on how they’re organizing their time, work, and life and compiled their answers into this concise report, so you can leverage their responses in your own life.

To discover how your productivity habits compare to 200+ high-achievers across ten productivity categories, download the free report today.

Where do we do our best work?

In 2020, we all had to learn how to get our work done from home. Now, many of us are transitioning back to the office, and the question on everyone’s mind is, “Is it for better or worse?” To find the answer, we asked high-achievers where they feel most productive.

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How we recover is just as important as how we work.

Productivity is more than just time management. Equally as important is how we manage our energy. Amidst the stress of the past two years, self-care has risen as a vital component of living a productive life. Of the achievers we surveyed, 31% said that sleep is their most important self-care activity.

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In a world full of change, routines provide structure and sanity.

We can’t control everything, but we can control our habits. Routines are the fail-safe systems we can set in place to make consistent progress on our most important goals, regardless of how we feel in the moment.

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