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When I was young, a boy could get a copy of D.C. Beard’s American Boy’s Handy Book, and girls could get The American Girl’s Handy Book (though I knew less about that one for obvious reasons).

Books like these and many others, including the more recent Dangerous Book for Boys, provide tons of information on all sorts of projects.

If you’ve seen one you know what I’m talking about. When you’re a kid, turning the page is like starting a new adventure. There are endless things to try, to build, to test, and tinker with.

Of course (speaking from experience here), frustration would inevitably set in when a project took too long or you needed some piece of technical knowhow or practical wisdom missing from the book.

The only way to get what you needed was encouragement from beyond the book. You needed knowledge from someone with more experience or at least different than you possessed. In other words, you needed some sort of community to get it done.

The Impossible Project

We live in a marketplace saturated with concepts, messages, and voices. To cut through and get your ideas heard and your products noticed, you need to build a platform.

But even if you have a the basic knowledge it’s tough to do. There are so many steps to take, experiments to try, dead ends to avoid. It feels like an impossibility to get started today.

I started blogging about ten years ago as a way to communicate to my company and share technology tips. I didn’t know what I was building then, but a few years later I noticed that I had a real following. I had a platform, and it wasn’t long before I could see that that a platform like I was cultivating was essential for business in the new economy.

From that point forward I became a student of platform, learning the ins and outs. I made tons of mistakes, but I also learned invaluable lessons about how to find and audience, build a following, and leverage that following into a full-time career.

Here’s the good news: What I learned through trial, error, and a lot of trouble, can help you cut out unnecessary steps and avoid pitfalls.

That’s exactly why I created Platform University—to help you complete the impossible project.

Guides for the Journey

Here’s what Platform University isn’t. It’s not an information product that sends you out into the woods alone to figure it out. There’s plenty to figure out on your own when it comes to building a platform, but you’re bound to run into all sorts of limits and setbacks.

Platform University provides three major shortcuts to help you get past them:

  1. A Mentor. To begin with, I’ll serve as your guide. I’ll tell you what I did to build my platform. You’ll get unique access to me through monthly, live Q&A calls and member makeovers. Plus, you’ll receive a “Backstage Pass” to see my business from behind the curtain.

  2. Experts. You’ll also gain access to other platform experts—leaders in their field who have built large machines or carved out narrow niches and can help you connect the dots in your own journey. These are people like Dave Ramsey, Amy Porterfield, Jeff Goins, Pat Flynn, Lysa TerKeurst, Ray Edwards, Cliff Ravenscraft. They all have stories and tips, and you can get their insights immediately by joining.

  3. Community. Finally, maybe most important of all, joining Platform University give you exclusive access to a thriving, sharing, and learning community of lay experts—people just like you who are making it happen on a daily basis. The member forums provide some of the best thinking of fellow platform builders, including Mike Kim, who launched his first paid online course and sold out in four minutes.

It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re building a platform, but why face the difficulties alone? You need a community you can learn from and contribute to.

In the third and final video in my new video series, The Platform Revolution, I share more detail about the program. And when you join us as a member, you’ll also gain access to two exclusive bonus offers, including a detailed breakdown of one of my product launches: how we created the content, planned the launch, executed, and even what the financials looked like.

Why Now Is the Time

Here’s the truth. If I had had access to a resource like Platform University when I was in the early and middle stages of my platform development, it wouldn’t have taken me years and years—and countless (and painful) moments of trial and error.

If I had been sitting where you sit today, with a community like this available to me, I could have literally cut years off my journey to success. I can’t go back in time and shorten my learning curve, but you have the opportunity today to get where you want to go faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Don’t miss this opportunity to access fourteen months of content designed to skyrocket your success.

After midnight on April 1, you will no longer be able to view this content without paying extra for it. In fact, you will no longer be able to join Platform University at all—at least, not for a couple months. When this special offer expires, we will close registration and no one else can get in until we open it back up.

But if you join before the deadline, you will get access to our entire library of content for as long as you are a member. Every episode. Every Backstage Pass. Every Member Makeover. Every Live Q&A Call Recording. All of it.

When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago, according to the old saying. But the second best time is right now, and that’s all the more so when you have a community like Platform University to help you reach your goals.

P.S. If you are ready to join now, click here.

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